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Play the exciting card collecting game created in Japan in 2011 with the app Vanguard ZERO, from the creators of Yu-Gi-Oh! In this game, which is inspired by the Cardfight! Vanguard series, you'll follow a young man named Aichi Sendou in all kinds of adventures.

Vanguard ZERO is set in a universe reminiscent of the tv show. In this magical game, it's up to you to explore each part of the map, collect all kinds of cards, and beat your opponents in battles to help Aichi become a card master.

Once you start a card duel, you'll be able to view your available deck. As you progress through the game and beat opponents, you'll win points you can use in future card fights, slowly create a signature strategy, and be able to summon all kinds of creatures. Not only that, but you can also discover the creatures that inhabit the planet of Cray as you explore.

Jump into the Cardfight! universe, create the best card combinations and become a true master in the game Vanguard ZERO. But helping Sendou won't be easy, so get ready to skillfully use all your cards as you try to beat your opponents.